Cowboy boots versus me. Cowboy boots in snake print versus me. Who’s the winner? Not me in this case.. Or maybe?

Cowboy boots street style

Fashion has a funny way about itself, it definitely goes round and round in circles, but the fascinating thing is the change of your taste and opinion depending on current trends. In my opinion and experience, people get used to seeing things that are ugly/disturbing/unusual at first, on Instagram, magazines, streets and within the time frame of 3-6 months, everything becomes incredibly normal and appears on everyone’s wish list. Remember Balenciaga Triple S? The first time I saw it I thought that there hasn’t been an uglier shoe created. Ever. Guess what? 3 months later I was trying to get myself a pair. Bum bags/fanny packs/belt bags? I hated them but now I think I could own one. In my defence, I think it’s more practical that beautiful, but here you go, another influence of social media and advertising. Autumn is approaching really quickly and we need a new trend to hate and the fall in love with! Today I love THE cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are mostly seen on a very distinctive personal style promoters such as Leandra Medine of Man Repeller or Maja Wyh and these ladies do not compromise with trends and their fashion choices. I couldn’t advocate everything these gorgeous ladies wear, however, I find it extremely inspiring that they stay true to their aesthetics and their choices are consistent. Leandra, for example, is an example of a eclectic style with an unexpected twist, hence the name of her highly coveted blog. I also love her mirror selfie pose, but it’s a topic for the next time.

Leandra Medine wearing cowboy boots street style

Cowboy boots don’t always have to be covered in flames or worn with clashing patterns, especially, if you’re not comfortable playing with these. In fact, it’s better to stay safe than sorry and start with easier to play with styles and tones. I used to wear black all the time, and I mean all the time. A few years or so ago, I started to bring some more colour into my wardrobe and now you can rarely see me wearing a black outfit on my Instagram. Having said that, I would probably follow the inspiration of Maja and dress the cowboy boots down like she did. It’s also a money saving option, everyone has a pair of black jeans in the wardrobe as well as a grey t-shirt/knit/blazer. I’d go for my grey cashmere ZARA jumper from years ago and I’m sure I would want to wear it all Autumn long.

Maja Wyh wearing cowboy boots

Another fashion darling Alexa Chung likes to show her legs and she has all the rights to do so, because frankly, I would do so too. A nice monochrome look of skirt and a jacket (you can do shorts and a jacket too, or skinny culottes and a jacket) and boom – cowboy boots. I personally like the fact that ankle boots can be worn in the summer in the fashion world, as long as it goes with the outfit.

Alexa Chung wearing cowboy boots

One of my latest fashion loves, Emili Sandlev, is a Danish stylist, who is not afraid to play with colours and patterns and always wears a smile on her face (apart from the hottest designer pieces, of course). I check her Instagram daily and I actually find inspiration in her field. It seems that all the clothes are created to be worn in the exact outfits that Emili creates. I personally could never ever wear anything as crazy (to the extent) as she does in the photo below, but you look at the picture and you smile, because it actually is beautiful and goes well together. If you feel quite cold, you can take inspiration from Emili’s intake on denim and swap the skirt for simple blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Again, everyone has these basics in the wardrobe, so another money saving outfit!

Emili Sandlev wearing vcowboy boots street style

I have found quite a lot of cowboy boots (both designer and high street) and it seems that there are more to come in the following weeks. I think I will go for something from high street, possibly ZARA or MANGO. I’m off to browse more.

Fendi  Contrast-panel leather boots
Maison Margiela  Western leather ankle boots
Maison Margiela  Cut-out leather boots
See By Chloé  Western leather boots
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand  Wish Star embroidered leather boots
TOGA Leather ankle boots
ZARA Snake effect ankle boots
MANGO Snake-effect ankle boots
SIGERSON MORRISON  Leather ankle boots
McQ Alexander McQueen  Laser-cut suede ankle boots
GANNI  Patent-leather ankle boots

Pictures via Pinterest


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