Fashion and beauty is all games and fun, but sometimes you need a bit more inspiration to make your life prettier and easier or maybe even more meaningful, hence I am introducing Tuesday Reads, which will consist of recommendations for a rainy day.

Life is so beautiful and fragile but sometimes it can be so tough and mean that you just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do in these moments is believe that a better day will come but picking yourself up and putting that smile on the face is not that easy. Mind you, a fake smile is much easier than a fake mindset. Below are 10 recommendations for those mornings when getting up out of the bed sounds like climbing the Everest.

1.       Appreciate the things you have. It is a human nature to always want more and be unhappy about the things you don’t have no matter your status, relationship status or financial freedom. For once, take a step back and look at the things that you DO have. If it helps, make a list with bullet points starting with something pretty obvious, like you have a roof above your head. The more thought you put into it, the more things you will come up with and then it will be very easy to realise, that life is really not that bad and you have a lot be thankful for.

2.       Call a friend. Everyone is busy with their own lives and all we do is work-work-work and then run-run-run, forgetting the outside world, cause #priorities. Make an effort and pick up the phone to call a friend who lives in a different city or even country, just to catch up on things. Sometimes, just hearing someone’s voice and story can inspire you to get up and get on with your day in a more positive way.

3.       Workout. I am actually the worst person to tell this helps, since I haven’t been working out for nearly 2 years now, however, I am really trying to make a effort and come back on track. It is proved that exercise helps not only your physical, but also mental health. At the same time, summer is here, so who would not want to show the nice body in this new bikini you just bought? And remember, the only workout you regret is the one you did not do. Alternatively, just put a pair of comfortable shoes and go for a walk or a bicycle ride. I personally would not ride a bicycle in a city like London, however, I absolutely love walking as it calms me down, also, I have some time to be on my own and the best thing here – it counts as an exercise!

4.       Buy some flowers. Fresh flowers are one of the easiest ways to step up your interior game without spending lots of money on furniture and art. I must agree that a nice bouquet of flowers can be quite pricey and hey, it does not stay fresh forever, however, you can always get some fresh tulips from the likes of Waitrose and Tesco (Waitrose does 2 for £5!). A good alternative is silk flowers, they won’t have a nice smell of the fresh flowers, but nowadays they are so real looking and also, they will never die.

5.       Watch a movie. Personally, I am not a big movie lover, however, when I want to unwind and just be lazy doing nothing yet feel like I am being productive, I watch something online. You do you, but my all-time favourites are good old Sex & The City (this one is dangerous though, cause you cannot stop after watching one episode) or some fashion movies, especially documentaries, which I normally look up for on Youtube or Vimeo. I also like the short movies about designers creating the collections for their shows, it gives a really good insight into the fashion world, in case you forget that it is not as easy and pretty as it looks from the outside.

6.       Cook. I am not the person who would cook every day, not even once a week sometimes, however, I do have these urgent rushes to make something delicious and nice looking. I then turn into a proper housewife (which is absolutely find, it’s just that I’m not one or at least not one yet) and do the grocery shopping as it is the shoe shopping. My favourite sources of inspiration for pretty looking yet delicious meals is Pinterest and Waitrose magazine (because I get it for free when I shop there). If you are a beginner and know nothing at all about cooking, I’d suggest you open a bag of crisps and dip it in some sour cream dip or guacamole that you can get in any supermarket or food hall. Works wonders for me!

7.       Listen to the music. Even though I cannot live without the music, I’m this proper old school person, who only does Youtube and radio, because I don’t have Spotify. Again, everyone has their own taste and mine varies hundred times a day, however, I often find old songs being so motivating and inspiring, because I know the lyrics, they make sense and they bring me the memories! With Spotify and iTunes available today, there isn’t an easier way to keep yourself prepared for those Grammy awards.

8.       Go to spa. This might be an expensive pleasure, but it is definitely worth it if you go a nice place where people do things right. I love hammam, some steam room sweating as well as a good massage of the whole body. I find myself not only falling asleep while having the massage done, but also sleeping much better afterwards. Alternatively, you can always get some bath oil and take a skinny dip in the hot water. Also, if you don’t have a bath tub, body oil does wonders, it softens your skin, smells nice and also gives you that luxurious feeling as if you have had an actual massage done.

9.       Sleep. I suffer from some funny insomnia sometimes. One night it can be a combination of work and insomnia – I would be doing something online and losing the track of the hours, another night I might simply have my eyes wide open no matter how many sheep I count in my mind. I try to have a cup of herb tea on these occasions and try to not think too much about the things I need to deal with the next day. Also, fresh air helps, so open that window and let the wind sing you a lullaby. And then if you have a chance, have a nap during the day, just make sure it’s not too long cause otherwise it will end in a nasty headache and heavy body feeling.

10.   Shopping. My favourite free time activity, which I seem to do a lot of. The best thing of living in London is having all these great department stores and gorgeous boutiques, full of absolutely beautiful products, which you just want to take home with you. A good thing about going out for shopping is that you can do window shopping too! Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges do their best to attract the customers with all this creativity exposed in the windows, but fear not, all the products can be touched and felt in the store without having to make an actual purchase. And oh the best invention of this era – the Internet! From ASOS to Net-a-Porter, from Pinterest to Instagram, millions of brands, designers and other creatives are putting their best selves out there for you, so you can shop without leaving your home. We all know that a little something manages to cheer us up and ‘Your order is confirmed’ email makes our day. Get scrolling!

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